Think Differently

Thinking differently is not something you just decide to do one day. If you try to do so without the right tools you can find yourself in a awkward situation quickly. You know, the type where you voice your opinion and then within 5 minutes wish you had not said anything. The person who holds the other viewpoint has clearly illustrated that they are more versed in the subject than you are and now you are stuck.

You still want to hold to your perspective but now everyone is watching and you aren’t sure how to articulate your side as well as the other person. This is why I believe in reading on a variety of topics and subjects. It not only makes you more knowledgable but also helps you pull from entirely different fields to illustrate a certain point more easily on another topic.

Reading on a variety of subjects from many different authors and dissenting opinions makes you better at communicating your own thoughts and ideas. Not to mention it gives you deep knowledge on those subjects because you are exposed to more information to formulate your own opinions and views.

And at last, you will think differently. Not because you tried to. But because you explored different thoughts from many subjects and people and formulated your own way of thinking. The bonus is that you find yourself using examples from entirely different topics and fields to explain your side of something.

If you are going to think differently you have to read differently. See differently. Communicate differently. But it all starts with the input.

Its not about being right, winning arguments, or proving yourself though. Its about offering something unique that only you can offer. New insights, ideas, visions. We need your great mind to be all it can be!

Do the world a favor and bring all of who you are. Don’t just say what others say. Think differently!

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